Welcome to the blog of Marco Tabini. I was born in Italy, but have lived in Toronto since the mid-Nineties. I have worked as a software developer and executive for over twenty years.

This website collects some of my writings that have not made it into books or magazines. Every now and then, I add something new, revise the layout, or move the site to a new location. Needless to say, the opinions I express here are my own only.

The website hasn’t had the ability to collect comments from the public for many years. I lost patience with comment moderation, and there are so many other ways for people to add their thoughts to mine that a comment section no longer seems to make any sense.

If you wish to get in touch, you can do so through either through Twitter or e-mail. I’m always happy to hear from other folks, though I don’t always have the time (or propensity) to respond.